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  • XTREME CHARACTER CHALLENGE is designed for men. You will participate in a team of eight to twelve men. You are free to organise yourself and other willing participants into a team or, if you are coming on your own, we will allocate you to a team. Every participant must complete his own registration form, even if coming with other participants as a team.
  • Make sure you arrive by 20h00 on the Thursday. We will normally finish by 13h00 on the following Sunday unless detailed otherwise.
  • You must have a valid photographic ID (passport or driver's licence) with you at all times during the XTREME CHARACTER CHALLENGE. The price for the XTREME CHARACTER CHALLENGE is as specified on the website at the time of booking. Please note this does not include your travel to and from the collection point, which you must organise and pay for yourself.
  • Please note our cancellation terms:
    • Regardless of when you cancel, you will have to pay at least 25% of the XCC price.
    • If you cancel less than 8 weeks before the Departure Date you will be entitled to a refund equal to 50% of the XTREME CHARACTER CHALLENGE price.
    • If you cancel less than four weeks before the Departure Date, there is no refund entitlement.
Please note that refunds will only be payable if at the time the refund is to be paid you have already paid us more than the amount of the refund.

Muskathlon Participants:

  • Muskathlons are operated by one of two partners, as will be shown on the event page for your choice of Muskathlon. They will either be with Muskathlon.com, or they will be with Impact Marathon Series supported directly by 4MUK. Please note your booking contract will be the relevant Muskathlon operator, not with 4MUK.
  • Muskathlons are open to both men and women. You can participate in running (21, 42 or 63 km), cycling (120 km) or walking (42 or 63 km). The Muskathlon program will be held in the Dutch, German and English languages.
  • You are responsible for booking and paying for your flights and ensuring that you arrive in good time for the start of the week. By signing up you are committing to stay for the entire week.
  • If for reasons outside the Muskathlon operator's control the majority of participants are unable to purchase flights arriving and departing on the given dates, the operator may change the dates and/or times of the Muskathlon by one day in either direction.
  • When booking your Muskathlon, it will be necessary to share your details with (a) the sponsor partner of your chosen Muskathlon, (b) the event organisers and (c) Muskathlon.com for the purpose of publicising 4M's UK projects to our global audience, and as otherwise permitted under the operator's Privacy Policy.

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