Fundraising Events for XCC

This page is a place to advertise any fundraising events that are going on to support the work of XTREME CHARACTER CHALLENGE
If you wish to fundraise for any of the events,
you can set up your own page linked to our Charity here:

Xtreme Maximum Height Climb - 2023 (date tbc)

In 2023 (specific date tbc), members of our network will try and climb the highest possible accumulation of feet/meters in a set 4-hour period.

Anyone can join in, anywhere in the UK, all on the same weekend for sponsorship. This will be a mass participation event but done locally to you. 

Your maximum height climb challenge is measured in vertical feet/metres and can be completed in any non-mechanical way.

You can walk/run up a local hill, trek up a mountain, climb the stairs, cycle a nearby hill again and again, run or walk up and down steps and hills.   

Please track your progress on Strava and tag us:

This will be a fantastic chance to be involved with hundreds of others. 

To take part please go to 
and set up your own donation page.

Raise as much as possible to help us offer free places, to those who need them, on our future XCC Wilderness events.


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