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You have mates? How connected are you? Do you fancy an ADVENTURE with them?

is an XTREME CHARACTER CHALLENGE like no other. It's a guided MIND BODY SOUL ADVENTURE that will inspire you and your mates. It will build friendship and connection. It will create lasting memories and impactful change.

Uniquely, this XCC is designed for just you and 5 mates. In your small TEAMS you will complete various tasks – some individually, based at home, others together, based in the wild. It involves a journey into the unknown local environment where you will be tested. It’s a bespoke ADVENTURE like no other

You will have some control over how and when you do things and you will be expected to take initiative & be pro-active. But at the same time, we will make some demands of you. Specifically: you will need to be able to spend time away from home on Friday evening until Saturday evening and available online on Thursday night to start the process. You can work on Friday – but you will need to have headspace for the XCC too.  

More detailed instructions are issued once you sign up.  Get your mates together & sign up now!

“This event takes you outside of your comfort zone and this leads to growth. The course asks very insightful questions which have improved my existing friendships.”   I.S.

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