For 72 hours you will battle the elements, yourself, your 'demons', your God. But you will not be alone. Your team of eight to twelve men will journey with you. During the weekend you will trek for many miles and confront many physical and mental challenges.

You will invest both time and money
but it will be one of the most valuable investments you can make for your life; you, your family and your community will reap the benefits for many years.

The XTREME CHARACTER CHALLENGE is not simply an extended weekend; it is a journey of brotherhood - an adventure with others. If you decide to accept the challenge, we trust that you make this decision wholeheartedly. You will not have a private hot shower at your disposal, in fact there are no toilets and no running water! No bunk beds or cosy lodge and you'll leave your mobile phone and watch at the start line. The XTREME CHARACTER CHALLENGE is deliberately unlike any other challenge and will be a milestone in your life!

It is essential that you prepare physically for the testing demands of the XTREME CHARACTER CHALLENGE. If you can't walk up the stairs without getting out of breath or jog to your local corner shop for a morning paper then get training now! Some training tips are below:

Some Training Tips

You can train however you like to prepare for the XTREME CHARACTER CHALLENGE but it is important you do something. Here are a few examples of what you could do to get your heart rate up.

2 x short walks (30 mins) 1 x long walk (2.5 hours +)


Running (As opposed to walking)

2 x 20 min easy pace runs

1 x 35 min run

Workout A
2 x 15 squats
2 x 15 press ups
2 x 15 crunches


Workout B
2 x 15 lunges
2 x 15 star jumps
2 x 15 step ups

Health Tips

Don't be too keen. Take days off per week to rest, in order to avoid injury. Listen to your body - and keep yourself healthy.

Food & water
When you are doing any type of long distance activity, your body needs adequate fuel (food) in order to perform at an optimum level. It is important to refuel your body with foods that contain quality calories that will give you the energy needed to safely and successfully complete training walks as well as the event itself.

If your body runs out of fuel, you may begin to have symptoms of low blood sugar such as disorientation, headache, weakness or loss of body control. If you begin to notice any of these symptoms while training, it is important to stop exercising, sit down, and start eating and drinking immediately. If symptoms persist, see your doctor.

Foot and blister care
Blisters are the most common foot problem. Hopefully by building up slowly you'll harden your feet up. Use Vaseline – Vaseline is a brilliant lubricant, rub it between your toes or anywhere on your feet where you are prone to rubbing. Use blister plasters. Most importantly, ensure your XTREME CHARACTER CHALLENGE boots are 'broken in' well before the start of the event.


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