Welcome to the XTREME CHARACTER CHALLENGE Crew, you are part of something extraordinary. You really are. Men all over this country are being impacted in ways we can’t even imagine. XTREME CHARACTER CHALLENGE is growing….and that means the gospel is advancing. Your time, energy, support and prayers are making this happen! we are so grateful to God for you.

Below you will find important and useful information you will need as crew, please take some time to read and understand. 

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Operators Role

The Operations team are primarily responsible for safety on the
mountain both for ourselves and the participants we do this by:

  • Ensuring that everyone has the right equipment 
  • Ensuring that everyone is fully briefed on first aid, stoves, food and navigation
  • Monitoring the teams and crew on the route
  • Being vigilant to spot any potential problems or hazards
  • Dealing with any emergencies in a calm and professional way, whilst referring always to the 4M UK Emergency procedures

Operations Kit List

Personal Kit : The Operations team needs to be prepared for all conditions. It is likely you will be on the mountain much longer than anyone else. It is important you have enough equipment to keep warm and dry whilst waiting or operating in remote parts of the route. 
Participants Kit: Many operators will be involved with checking the participants kit to ensure they have the required equipment and ensuring they do not have anything not on the kit list. This is a very important role which needs to be carried out consistently and seriously. The Operators selected for this role will ensure each team completes the check list.

Operations Safety Briefings

The operators are responsible for ensuring all participants are fully briefed on how to use the cooking stoves safely, navigation and basic first aid. These briefings happen on the first night and morning. It is important that if you are selected to brief you understand both the topic and the details of the briefing.

First Aid Training

It is essential that we have operations team with first aid experience and certificates. You can find the minimum first aid requirement course at the following link. If you need support in funding this course please email

Online First Aid Training

Operations Training

We actively encourage Operations crew to increase there mountain skills, where possible we will do some training the day before each XCC or at a separate weekend.
We are always looking for support from Operators with recognised qualifications in mountain first aid and mountain leaders. Please check out the links below to mountain training providers

BMC (British Mountaineering Council)

Plas y Brenin National Outdoor Centre


Speakers Role

Speakers are in charge of ‘what it feels like’. They communicate the message and challenge the hearts. They must be self-aware, vulnerable and spiritually alert.


See the associated doc that outlines the whole journey the men will go on and the ‘themes’ of this XCC. Please read it all and try to journey with the flow – this will allow you to choose and write/frame your talk within the context of the whole XTREME CHARACTER CHALLENGE and not cover ground that will be covered later.

Prepare well. REMEMBER: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” Prov 18:21

  • Be welcoming but not chatty
  • Invite the men in close. Wait. 
  • When you talk:
  • Be short/concise
  • Tell your story: Be vulnerable
  • Finish on a challenge/question – be specific that they should discuss this
  • Move them on 



Logistics Role

The logistics team are responsible for ‘what the XTREME CHARACTER CHALLENGE it looks like’. They set things up and set the scene. They organize emergency response and take care of back end issues. They are
practically skilled and hard working

Setting the Scene

The Logistics team are responsible for the set up of the sit, the branding and the look. It is essential that the correct atmosphere is set both for the event start and the finish. To aid consistency please see download of the site set up.

Event Support

During the event the logistic team will support the participants and the crew on the mountain by;

  • Providing water and other supply drops
  • Evacuations of participants or crew members
  • Liaising with local services

First Aid Training

It is essential that we have logistics team with first aid experience and certificates. You can find the minimum first aid requirement course at the following link. If you need support in funding this course please email

Online First Aid Training

Food Preparation

The logistics team are responsible for all the event meals and catering both on and off the mountain. This is a challenging area ensuring food is properly prepared and delivered on time to ensure the smooth running of the event. We need our food preparation and support staff where possible to be trained to food hygiene level 2. This course is available online. If you need help funding this please contact

Food Hygiene Level 2 online training


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