What you need to know

The 72 hours are designed to remain something of a mystery, so please don’t expect a timetable & 4-star luxuries! However, we have an excellent record of running safe and enjoyable weekends & many men return time after time – so you can trust us! The following information is designed to help you prepare:

XTREME CHARACTER CHALLENGE in England: starting on Wednesday 19th May 2021 at 21h00.  

It will take place in Dartmoor, approx. 3.5-4hr drive from London (exact location will be sent to you one week in advance of the XTREME CHARACTER CHALLENGE). 

The event will be finished by 12h00 on Saturday 22nd May.


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There is significant physical challenge involved in an XTREME CHARACTER CHALLENGE – so be prepared – do some training: go for a run (ideally for 20 minutes +), start to walk rather than drive to places & develop your strength through sit-ups and press-ups. You do not need to be superhumanly fit, but the better prepared you are the more likely you are to thrive!

Pay attention to the kit list (below) – you need that stuff & not much more – so pack well. You will all be in teams connected to your campus so it should be easy to share key equipment between you. We will confirm the teams that you are in & give you the contacts of other team members so you can coordinate who brings what group kit amongst yourselves. 

You won’t have time or opportunity to call home – so warn people about this. The emergency number you can give to family or next of kin is: 07887 963958.  If you haven’t already, please inform us of any significant dietary requirements, medical issues & bring appropriate medicine.

If you pray, please pray about the weekend. Also ask others to pray for you whilst you are away. Come expectant – you will be challenged & changed – come ready to do business.

This should cover the essentials for now. If you have important questions, please email us before the event at info@4MUK.com


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